Opening Up the Family Album

Opening Up the Family Album

Based on the pioneering work of feminist photographer and theorist Jo Spence, this 4 part Channel 4 series from 1988 was directed by Nina Kellgren.

This first episode looks at having your photo taken by other people, including street photographers.

This second episode, about the secrets and stories behind the seemingly innocuous family photos, features Jo Spence, Sybil Phoenix, Stan Grant, Nuala Campbell, Maggie Murray and Allegra Damji.

This third episode, about using photos as therapy, features Jo Spence, Leah Thorn, Maxine Walker, Tessa Boffin, Claudio Solano, Martine Houghton, Stuart Liebermann, Linda Sole.

This fourth episode, examining the relations between personal and public histories, features Maxine Walker, Stuart Hall, Maggie Murray, Thelma Reynolds, Sybil Phoenix, Ann Burrell and Allegra Damji.

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