French Cooking in Ten Minutes

French Cooking in Ten Minutes

Nick Cooper had the brilliant idea of dramatising a cookery book, specifically the 1930s classic French Cooking in Ten Minutes. In each episode, the writer of the book, Edouard de Pomiane, cooks a three-course meal for two in ten minutes. Why? That is the mystery which sustains the series. It was made for BBC2 and screened between 10.20 and 10.30 over six weeks.

The romance intensifies, and so does the cuisine. The secrets of ten minute cookery revealed by the author of the 1930s classic book ‘French Cooking in Ten Minutes’, Edouard de Pomiane. Episode 4 of the 6 part BBC2 series from 1995, scripted by Nick Cooper and expertly played by Christopher Rozycki.

Edouard de Pomiane’s romance with food, and with a mysterious woman, continues in this adaptation of the 1930s classic French Cooking in Ten Minutes. It is July 1930. A Polish doctor in Paris lets us into the secrets of his speedy yet elegant cooking, as well as giving a discrete glimpse into his private life.


Please consider producing more “ French Cooking in ten minutes”. It is a rare delight as well as instructional. Life was so much meow elegant then and this is PERFECT for today’s audience….thank you. Melissa Brady

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