Ghosts in the Machine, 16/1/1985
16th January, 1985

The Deutsches Filmmuseum opened late in 1984. On 16 January 1985, UK Channel 4’s ‘Visions’ monthly magazine programme about cinema celebrated in distinctive style. Keith Griffiths’ entertaining item, modelled on a magic lantern lecture about the eye, outlines the history of pre-cinematic devices with many hands-on demonstrations and present-day bricolage reconstructions of devices. Includes examples of Reynaud’s Theatre Optique, Kinetoscope, Thaumatrope, Zoetrope and a Lumiere Cinematographe used as a projector An imaginative 10 minute tour of the newly opened hands-on Frankfurt Filmmuseum. The narrator is a bored doctor outlining the nineteenth century theories of sight which underlie many of these experimental means of animating images.