Large Door Ltd is a TV documentary company.

Large Door was founded by John Ellis, Keith Griffiths and Simon Hartog to make Channel 4’s pioneering cinema programme Visions (1982-5).

Large Door continued to produce a wide range of documentaries about media, politics and food until 1999.

Some are commercially available, and many others are on YouTube or Vimeo.


seeking approval

Rosalind Coward presents

french cooking in 10 minutes

Nick Cooper had

Mick Eaton directed

holy family album

Writer Angela Carter’s

distilling whisky galore

Derek Cooper tells

opening up the family album

Based on the

michael snow

Interview and profile

cinema in china

History of filmmaking

ghosts in the machine

The Deutsches Filmmuseum

hindi cinema

In 1983, Bombay’s

raymond williams

An obituary programme

visions series 1

From 10 November

man who ruined the british film industry

Controversial profile of

brazil: beyond citizen kane

Simon Hartog’s definitive

family business by chantal ackerman

Chantal Akerman was

film in philippines

Distributed on DVD

wendy toye and sally potter

Two women directors

Mac Karlin made

company of wolves
new chinese cinema

Tony Rayns presents

What they say

“Visions, a programme that digs deeply beneath the topsoil of sentiment in search of serious issues”
The Times
16 January 1985
"What made French Cooking in Ten Minutes so enjoyable has been its attention to detail from the authentic-looking 1930s kitchen down to the passing street noises below. But best of all has been Christopher Rozycki’s performance as the meticulous de Pomiane. Let’s hope there are seconds."
The Times
25 March 1985
“Visions is different to a good deal of television in general in terms of both its presentation and the whole way in which it addresses its audience”
The Listener
24 May 1984